Mediterranean Collection


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Featuring delicious and nourishing recipe and snacking opportunities that evoke the essence of the Mediterranean region.

kryssos feta


A domestically made feta that retains all of the Mediterranean quality and authentic flavor. Kryssos Feta is available in four bold flavors to enhance any recipe and comes in blocks as well as pre-crumbled packs for your convenience.

Kryssos Greek Cheese

Imported from Cyprus, Kryssos Halloumi is the ideal grilling cheese. Traditionally paired with fresh watermelon, Halloumi tastes like summer no matter the time of year. And for any genuine Greek recipe, you can count on Kryssos Myzithra's flavor and quality.

Kryssos Antipasti

Kryssos' Antipasti line is full of distinct and diverse options for convenient snacking and painless entertaining. With a wide range of stuffed, whole, pitted, and marinated olives and peppers sourced from around the Mediterranean, the Kryssos Antipasti line has something for everyone.
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